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Where are we located?
We are located off of Harrison Lane in Alexandria, VA.  See Map.

Who are we?
Huntley Meadows is a townhouse community that was built between 1991 and 1994. Most of the over 13 acres that make up our community consists of preserved natural wooded areas that host a variety of wildlife, including deer, fox, rabbits, and a large variety of birds to name a few of the wildlife spotted by residents.

Our community consists of 86 luxury townhomes built in a colonial historical style, both with and without garages and with either walk-out or English basements. Three models were offered by the builder: The Alexandria, The Barrington, and The Canterbury.

The Huntley Meadows Homeowners Association (Association or HOA) is responsible for the maintenance and preservation of the common property, the collection and disbursement of the assessments and the enforcement of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (Covenants), and Community policy and procedures established by the Board of Directors. Through vigilance and fairness, the HoA is responsible for ensuring that owners maintain their homes in good condition, and for improving the common areas - all in the shared interest of providing a great community for us all.

Our community has the honored distinction of surrounding the historic early 19th century Huntley Manor. Purchased by the Fairfax County Park Authority in 1989, Huntley Manor has been identified as a rare survival of a genuine federal villa and displaying a rare example of a terraced landscape. It was constructed in 1825 during the exuberant years of the early republic by Thomas F. Mason, grandson of George Mason of Gunston Hall. After a long period of research and fund raising, the County began a restoration effort in 2011, with plans to use the restored house for occasional education events.  With this honor comes an additional responsibility for our Community to abide by special restrictions related to a historical overlay imposed by the County.

Here are two articles that provide a little insight to this historic property.

The Rescue of Huntley House.

Sisters Look Back, Remembering Life at Huntley (11-11-1993).

The site underwent major restoration in 2009-11, and is now open to the public. For more information about the restored site and hours of operation, go to
The Friends of Huntley Meadows is a non-profit group that is dedicated to the preservation of this historic house.  To join or get more information, go to: See also the County's report at