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Who is currently serving on the Board of Directors?

  1. PresidentRob Rogers (term ends 2018)
  2. Vice PresidentChristy Schlacter (term ends 2017)
  3. Treasurer - Dennis Toskins (term ends 2018)
  4. SecretaryFred Marcellus (term ends 2018)
  5. Member-at-LargePerry Thompson (term ends 2018)

What is the function and responsibility of the Board?
As with any corporation, the homeowners association must have a governing body that oversees its business. The Board of Directors is elected by the homeowners, or as otherwise specified in the bylaws. The duties and powers of the Board of Directors, including any limitation and restrictions, are outlined in the associations governing documents. Decisions affecting the homeowners association or its individual members are made by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

What officers are required by the Governing documents?
The By-laws (Art.VIII, §1) states that there must always be at least a President, who also has to be a member of the Board, and a Secretary. Optional is having a Board member serve as a Vice-president, and someone can also be appointed by the Board to be the Associations Treasurer. As written, it appears that neither the individual appointed to be the Treasurer or the Secretary also have to be a member of the Board, and can actually be the same person, while both the President and Vice-President must be on the Board and cannot be the same person.

What are the stated duties of the President?
The By-laws (Art.VIII, §8) assign the following specific duties to this officer:
        Must preside at all meetings of the Board.
        Ensures that orders or resolutions of the Board are carried out.
        Must sign all contracts and checks.
        Must appoint the Chairs for all Committees.
In general, the President shapes the community associations character and the overall lifestyle of the community residents. Since the association is both a community and a business, the president should work to enhance the lifestyle of residents and protect the value of the asset. The president works closely with the board, manager, and residents to establish the overall goals of the association. As such, the president must be knowledgeable of all association governing documents, and ensure that the association operates accordingly. The president is responsible for the associations fiscal well being, including directing the budget process, collecting assessments, ensuring that reserves are adequately funded, and that insurance coverage is sufficient to protect the association. The president presides at board and other meetings, prepares meeting agendas, and ensures that valid voting procedures are used. The president works closely with professional managers and other association professionals to ensure the successful operation of the association. As spokesperson for the community, the president must be an effective communicator.

What are the stated duties of the Secretary?
The By-laws (Art.VIII, §8) assign the following specific duties to this officer:
      Must record the votes and keep the minutes of all meetings and proceedings of the Board and Association.
      Keep the corporate seal and affix it to all papers requiring said seal.
      Serve notice of meetings to the Board and Association Members.
      Keep appropriate Association records, including current records of Members, and their contact information.
      Other duties as assigned by the Board.
Like any other business, an association must preserve its history, maintain its records, and protect itself from liability. It is the association secretary who is assigned this responsibility. The secretary (or secretaries) should be efficient, well organized, and have a commitment to the future of the association. No matter how competent the secretary, there is much to be learned about keeping good corporate records. If the association is volunteer-managed, it is wise to spread the secretarial responsibilities among two or three people. However, if the association hires a manager it can request him or her to perform some of the association's secretarial tasks. When selecting a manager or management company, the board should specifically state the secretarial tasks for which the manager will be responsible. This report is designed to help new association secretaries as well as those who want to improve their procedures.

What are the stated duties of the Vice-President?
The By-laws (Art.VIII, §8) assign the following specific duties to this officer:
     Serves as the substitute for the President when the President is absent, cant or refuses to fulfill the Presidents duties. 
     Other duties as assigned by the Board.

What are the stated duties of the Treasurer?
The By-laws (Art.VIII, §8) assign the following specific duties to this officer:
     Receives and deposits monies of the Association.
     Causes the disbursement of funds as directed by the Board.
     Co-signs checks and keep books on the accounts, as appropriate.
     Directs the annual review of the Association books by a public accountant at the end of each fiscal year.
     Serves as the Chief Officer and prepares the annual budget and a statement of the Associations income and expenditures that is presented at the annual meeting and delivered to each member.
In general, when an association fills this position, they often establish a finance committee that can serve as the financial voice of the Board and the community. The treasurer is the board's liaison to the association's auditor. He or she should monitor the progress of the annual audit. Make sure that appropriate tax returns are filed on time. The treasurer is also the one who implements a reserve program based on an engineering study and makes sure it has adequate funding. The treasurer should ensure the implementation of an annual operating budget, and implement safeguards to protect association assets.

How can I stay informed about Board business?
Any member can attend a regularly scheduled Board meeting. You can also review Board meeting Agendas and Meeting minutes from previous Board meetings, which are available on the "Documents" web page.