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Neighborhood Watch  
Community safety is important for all of us.  In order to maintain our Neighborhood Watch Program, the Community must identify a point of contact for the Police.  We need lead contacts for both Huntley Meadows Lane and Ransom Place.

Policy Review Team (PRT)
Established by the Board in 2012 to review the existing governing documents and identify possible improvements to address issues facing the Association and its members today.

April 8, 2013 - Revised Parking Policy: PRT recommended revisions to the Parking Policy that were given to the Board are available for community review. To be considered by the Board, comments need to be submitted to the PRT no later than May 3, 2013 (send to

July 21, 2012 - Town Hall Meeting on Pet and Parking Issues: The Board has received numerous complaints about parking and pet violations and the PRT is reviewing current policies. In considering revision, the PRT would like to hear suggestions from residents on how best to address these issues. To facilitate the discussion, the PRT provided the following information:

In addition, you can share your thoughts on the Message Board page under the new Town Hall Category, or email the PRT directly at
Social Committee (SC)
The SC was established by the Board in 2011 in an effort to enhance communications through a periodic Newsletter, and to encourage community involvement through periodic planned events. When availability of the chair diminished, the SC stopped functioning early in 2013 and we need a new volunteer to take this over.
Responsibilities:  The SC is responsible for drafting the Newsletter and developing proposals for planned community events, which are submitted to the Board for review and approval.
Membership: Anyone can join the SC or otherwise volunteer to help with the Newsletter or planning an event. If interested, please complete and submit a Committee Interest Form to the Board, or contact the SC Chair.
Meetings: The SC meets occasionally to plan events or compile the draft Newsletter. Meetings are usually held the first Wednesday of the month, at 7:30 pm. For information about the next meeting, please check the Upcoming Event listing on the website or email the SC Chair at

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)
The ACC is specifically established in our Covenants, which also set out the ACC's legal authority and responsibilities. The ACC's operations and related guidance are provided in Chapter 5 of the Community Handbook, and are briefly described here.

Mission Statement:   To Assist the Huntley Meadows Homeowners by reviewing any proposed improvements or changes to the properly within Huntley Meadows to ensure conformity with the harmony and historical architectural design of the community.

Responsibilities: The ACC is responsible for reviewing any proposed improvements or changes to the property within Huntley Meadows for safety , harmony of external design, color and location in relation to surrounding structures and topography and conformity with the design concept for the community.

Membership:  Anyone can be appointed by the Board to serve on the ACC.  Each appointment is valid for one year.  (If interested, please complete and submit a Committee Interest Form to the Board.

Meetings:  The ACC meets on the third Tuesday of each month to conduct its business. Meetings are scheduled to begin at 6:30 pm, and will be typically held at the Sherwood Regional Library on Sherwood Hall Lane. For information about the next meeting, please check the Upcoming Event listing on the website or email the ACC Chair at

At a Glance Procedures:  The following charts provide a quick reference ro the ACC procedures that are described in detail in the Handbook and governing documents.
       Approval Process
       Appeal Process
       Changes to the Common Area

Thinking of a change to the exterior of your home or property and looking for more details?  Go to the ACC Guidelines in the Handbook under Documents.

Need Forms?  Go to the Forms page.