New Lighting Standard

As our community matures, it becomes more difficult and, in some cases, impossible, to obtain original materials to maintain the upkeep of our homes in compliance with community architectural standards and requirements. In recognition of this, the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) has revised and/or provided clarification on existing standards to address this issue.

The Board is distributing the ACC changes to the Light Fixture, Siding, and Roofing standards in the format in which they appear in the Huntley Meadows Community Handbook, Chapter 5, Architectural Review Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines.

A list of frequently asked questions and answers is also being compiled.

A quick reference on specific lights known to meet the new standards is provided below, along with information about how to schedule discounted installation service.

All outdoor lighting fixtures on the fronts of units should be replaced by fixtures that meet the updated standards by March 31, 2018.
Outdoor Post Lantern Outdoor Wall Lantern
OL11307BK OL11301BK
Feiss Londontowne 3-light, outdoor post, in black (OL11307BK), meets these standards. Feiss Londowntowne 3-light, outdoor sconce, in black (OL11301BK), meets these standards.

To encourage quick adoption, HMHOA has negotiated an installation discount through Mister Rogers Electric.

Mister Rogers installed the new fixtures at 3608 Ransom Place and 3716 Huntley Meadows Lane and offers a 5-year warranty on labor.

Normally the installation of a post and house fixture would be $199.00 and a post and two house fixtures (garage units) $249.00.  Until March 2018, Mister Rogers will offer the following discounts:

  • Individual Installation – 5% off the standard price.
  • Group Installation – 15% off the standard price.
  • Additional 5% discount to anyone who is a senior, teacher, military, or first responder.

Starting in January 2017, Mister Rogers will block off the second Thursday of every month for residents who want the group discount.  Residents should call by the end of the prior month to schedule, so that if there isn’t enough resident interest that month to be able to provide a group discount, Mr. Rogers can use that time slot to serve other customers. Residents can roll over their reservations to the next month or choose the individual discount.

When you call, ask for Sheri and identify yourself as a Huntley Meadows resident.  Residents are responsible for buying the fixtures.  It is not mandatory to contract installation services through Mister Rogers.  Residents are free to choose their preferred electrical service provider.

Mister Rogers Electric, LLC
4936 B Eisenhower Ave.

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