Some Parking Notes

A couple of brief notes about our favorite subject; parking.

The holidays and guest parking

The holiday season is upon us, which will place increased demands on our already limited guest parking. Residents are already beginning to report that guest parking just isn’t available anywhere in the community. Much of this is due to the rampant abuse of guest parking by some residents, but some is probably due to holiday visitors that are already beginning to arrive.

The board will be addressing guest parking specifically after the amendment ratification process is complete, but we can alleviate some of these parking availability issues by simply talking with one another. If you’re going to be traveling for the holidays and wouldn’t mind loaning out one of your spaces or your driveway for guests, let your neighbors know. If you’re going to have guests over the holidays, talk to your neighbors about using their spaces temporarily. A little communication can go a long way.

Street parking is also available on some of the streets in surrounding neighborhoods.

Fire lanes and in-street parking

Speaking of parking, this is just a reminder that cars parked in fire lanes are subject to immediate towing without notice. In-street parking is potentially disruptive to the flow of traffic and emergency vehicle access and will be treated in the same manner as fire lanes. Basically, if a vehicle is not parked in a marked parking space, it will be towed without notice.

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