Volunteers Needed for Welcome Committee

One of the association’s new board members, Maggie Britvec, made a suggestion at the Annual Meeting that the rest of the board thought was a great idea. The board discussed the idea at last week’s board meeting and decided to move forward with implementing it.

Maggie has volunteered to oversee the formation of a new committee simply called the Welcome Committee. This committee will be responsible for welcoming new owners and residents to the community and providing information, such as the Community Handbook, website registration instructions, garbage and recycling schedules, etc, that will assist them with getting acclimated and familiar with the community and local area.

We’re looking for ideally 3-5 volunteers that would be interested in participating on this committee and that are willing to personally visit new residents and provide them with the information. We’re not expecting that the work would be too demanding, as we typically only have 6-8 new residents move into the community each year.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Maggie directly at maggiebritvec@hotmail.com.

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