Storage at the Front of Units


Some members of the community have noticed that the front areas of some homes are being used as storage for garbage cans and other household items. This is just a friendly reminder that as per the governing documents of our community, garbage containers are not permitted to remain in public view outside of garbage collection days. Additionally, items cannot be stored outside the fenced back yard of our units.

(e) trash and garbage containers shall not be permitted to remain in public view except on days of trash collection. No incinerator shall be kept or maintained upon any Lot. Garbage, trash, and other refuse shall be placed in covered containers or plastic bags as designated by the Association. The Association reserves the right to remove such containers left in violation of this provision.

(l) … No storage shall be allowed outside of the fenced rear yard.

– Article VI, Section 7, item (e), (l), HMHOA Covenants

Please note that these are not rules established by policy. These are restrictions imposed by the Covenants of our community association.

The Board realizes that some feel that the garbage carts provided by American Disposal are bulky and it may be difficult for some residents to wheel them from the rear of units to the curb. As has been mentioned in other community messages, smaller versions of the carts can be purchased from home improvement stores and other sources. Secured, heavy-duty trash bags can also be left curbside for collection as per American Disposal policy, so it may be more practical for residents to use the carts to store garbage in back yards and walk secured garbage bags to the curb for collection. American Disposal will remove carts at the request of owners, but keep in mind that there will be a fee associated with re-delivery if a cart is needed in the future.

Bicycles, toys, and other household items should not be stored in the front of homes. They should be stored in back yards, garages, or indoors while not actively being used.

Thanks for your help keeping Huntley Meadows clean and attractive. If you have any questions or need help solving a storage issue, please contact the Board.

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