New Parking Policy and Procedures

The board is happy to announce that the community parking policy has finally been updated and ratified. We sincerely appreciate the feedback we received from various residents at the Parking Town Hall and via e-mail over the past several weeks. Without that feedback, it would have been much more difficult for the board to ensure that concerns were being addressed and that our common area parking was regulated in a fair and reasonable manner.

For convenience, the new policy has been published on the community website:

We’re not planning to distribute hard copies to all owners, as printing and mailing over 1,500 pages would be fairly expensive and potentially wasteful, but hard copies can be provided to homeowners upon request.

The updated policy is almost identical to the policy that had been in place since 2008.

  • Non-garage units are still assigned two spaces in the common area
  • No changes were made to the unit assignments
  • There are still 29 spaces dedicated for guest use

There are, however, some changes and enhancements that we wanted to highlight.

First, Section 6 of the new policy references a vehicle registration system. There was simply no easy way to differentiate between resident and guest vehicles without implementing some sort of registry. After discussion, the Association has settled on a parking management system called ParkingBoss. ParkingBoss was specifically designed to manage the resident and guest parking resources for condos and HOAs. We also listened to the privacy concerns some brought up with regard to stickers and/or hang tags. Resident vehicles will be required to display a small, nondescript sticker on the rear-window that only contains a unique QR code. Our ParkingBoss plan includes unlimited decals, making them easy to replace if necessary.

We realize that many residents own more than two vehicles and while we cannot change the restriction on the number of vehicles that can be parked on property at one time, there is no restriction on the number of vehicles that can be registered by residents.

Section 5 describes guest parking procedures and references the use of guest parking passes. The same ParkingBoss system used for vehicle registration will also be used to manage guest parking and issue guest parking passes. These parking passes are virtual, meaning there won’t be a need to keep up with laminated passes or hangtags. Virtual passes for guest vehicles can be created via the ParkingBoss app on a mobile device or via the ParkingBoss website.

More information about the ParkingBoss system will be distributed over the coming weeks.

Last, because our parking policy has been essentially unenforceable for the last few years, we realize that many residents may not have been paying close attention to parking policy compliance. This is understandable and the Association has decided to implement a grace period to give residents time to review the new policy and make appropriate adjustments to their parking habits. With the exception of the prohibited activities outlined in Section 8, or those in violation of Virginia or Fairfax County law, enforcement of the new parking policy will not begin until April 14, 2018. The activities in Section 8 are specifically prohibited by the governing documents of our community and Virginia and Fairfax County law generally address safety issues that must be immediately rectified.

Thanks again for the feedback and for your patience. If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them.

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