We are lucky to be near nature in our community.  While many animals live near, or in our community, we need to do better at preventing those that we don’t want around from being in our neighborhood. 

We are experiencing rodents getting into trash on Ransom Place.  

The rodent problem is directly related to owners and renters putting out trash and not using either a trash can or a heavy duty trash bag.  

Our trash policy requires residents to use trash cans or heavy duty trash bags so that we don’t have these problems.  Use of a trash can or heavy trash bags will prevent these issues from getting worse and will also prevent trash from blowing around in our community.

Please do your part in keeping our community clean, healthy, and trash free by using your trash can or heavy trash bags.

Thank you.

Huntley Meadows Board


  1. Friends and neighbors,

    First, I hope you and your families are all well during this unprecedented “time out” for all of us. I don’t normally write but given this COVID-19, we need to be extra vigilent with our unwelcome “wild life.” We don’t know how the virus transmits cross species. I offer these tips to mitigate, racoon and rat raids.

    Huntley Meadows lane has had both rat and racoon sitings recently. Extra tips to nip the food sources:

    DOG POOP – Pick up after your dogs ASAP and any poop you find around the property because rats apparently eat dog poop according to many sources (dogs are carnivorous, unlike deer so the deer aren’t a problem). FYI I’ve seen an increase in dog poop at the end of Huntley Meadows Lane by the grass areas above and below the walkway into Stoneybrook and in the woods along that walkway. It’s unsanitary and I hate the rats more than picking up other dogs’ poop, so I do it.
    Still, I don’t understand this change in pet and pet keepers’ behavior in that area. It’s always been clean.

    BIRD FEED – I take my bird feeders in at night. Racoons love the suet and make a mess. I don’t want to encourage the rats to munch on the s uet droppings. I also use squirrel “proof” feeders now so they don’t make a mess on the ground either.

    TRASH – maximize use of your garbage disposals so there’s little food is in your trash (egg shells are ok in the disposal) and store trash in a garbage can with the lid full closed. Please don’t put bags of trash out at all. Even in the wee hours before the trash collectors come…the racoons are out early and there are a couple cats around too. I know neighbors are trying but that didn’t work for us today. Sometimes if I have room in my bin, I put my neighbors bags in so they don’t have to drag out their can.

    Hope there’s some new info here that is helpful. Be safe everyone.

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