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  1. Good morning,

    First and foremost. Thanks for all the work you folk do for our community. Ann Strickland let me know my e:mail over the weekend did make it to the board. Thanks Ann. This morning , I realized I didn’t really ask for confirmation on my assumption the pewter gray was previously approved or that the horse is well out of the barn now and pewter gray and dark gray needs to be added to the list. Thus I’m following up up this morning. Here’s a link to the colors for the GAF Timberline that many folks are installing:

    This was my previous e:mail request:

    Please update your roofing colors approved to include GAF Timberline Pewter Gray. Dozens of people are using this color; it matches the picture on the community document and their old roofing color but is not explicitly on the list as an approved color. If in fact any dark gray or black architectural shingle is acceptable please just say so. Thank you. Here’s link to a site with colors to view.

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