Annual Walk-through Inspection, May 15th

The Architectural Control Committee will conduct the 2021 annual walk-through inspection on Saturday, May 15th, between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Below is the inspection checklist that will be used by the ACC:

Huntley Meadows Homeowners Association – Walk-Through Checklist Information

The following information is provided to facilitate the inspector’s walk-thru by serving as a quick reference to established Community standards as of April 2021  Please be sure to verify latest policies & standards before sending letters.

Items to Check


Community Standard (See Ch. 5 of Huntley Meadows Community Handbook for more info)

Front Door


Standard: Color right?  Style?

Storm Door


Standard: Full view, frame matches trim color (Amber White/Almond).

Windows Around Door


  If grilles in transom and sidelite windows present, must be in good repair.



Trim must be Amber White, unless alternate windows are approved.

  – Screens


Are screens there?  Are they in good condition?

  – Grilles/Mullions


Standard: Required all front windows.  Side windows, required all in or all out.

Bay Window/Roof


In good visible condition? Rotting wood?  Or N/A, if none for this house.


Standard: Metal Roof Painted Flat Black or Copper.  Need approval for other color.



Match color on door, unless door is Georgetown Green, then shutters can be Pewter.

Front Porch/Roof


In good visible condition? Rotting wood?  Or N/A, if none for this house.


Standard: Metal Roof Painted Flat Black or Copper.  Need approval for other color.

Front Stoop


Not used for storage, clear of toys, visible hose & trash?  Rust spots?  Mildew?

Front Walkway


In good condition – broken or cracked steps or cement?



Metal railings, painted semi-gloss black.  Paint not chipping & railing not rusting.

Lamp Post


Standard: Black 3” diameter post, about 4-6’ tall, with cross bar.

Light Fixtures


Standard: After 2018: Black 3-light for post and sconce for house (e.g. Feiss Londontowne). Earlier: Polished Brass, 4-panel Carriage Lamps w/ hurricane globe on post.



Bathroom, kitchen, clothes dryer and gas fireplaces. Most are either painted black (with brick) or amber white (with siding). Some have approved modifications. Not broken and otherwise in good condition? No birds nesting?

Trim (Whole House)


Standard:  Amber White (McCormick Paint No. 101)

Is it painted the right color? Is it chipped or pealing? In good condition?

Siding / Brick


In good condition?

Fascia / Sofitt


Painted the right color? Chipped or peeling?

Gutters / Downspouts


Is the connection to the house and between gutter & downspout good?



Standard: Black architectural shingles including Bump-out

  – Rake


Does rake need painting?  Repair?

  – Roof Stacks, Vents


Painted Flat Black?  Straight?

  – Chimney or Attic Fan


Chimney capped?  Attic Fan painted flat black?

Garage Door


Standard:  Right style? Color matches trim standard.  In good condition?

Sliding Glass Door


Standard: Typical glass sliding doors w/built-in grilles.  In good condition?

Patio Door


Standard:  full door window w/built-in grilles.  In good condition?

French Door(s)


Standard:  full door window w/built-in grilles.  In good condition?


  – Roof


In good visible condition? Rotting wood?


Standard: Roof matches house shingles and are in good visible condition.



In good visible condition?



Standard: Design uniform.  In good visible condition?  Needs washing?  Repair?  Only shades of brown?



Standard:  Lattice top design.  In good visible condition?  Needs washing?  Repair?  Not stained?



Neat? Bushes trimmed? Borders meet standard? Toys & play equipment?



No structures above fence line. No permanent structures.



When you check this, it means that the item or area is dirty, cluttered, or overgrown such that all that needs to be done is cleaning the item or area.

Good Condition

In general, good condition means that the item or area looks good.  There is no broken or cracked glass; no chipping or peeling paint; no visible rotting or damaged wood or other material; no broken or missing parts or materials; and, if applicable, the item or area is consistent with an established Community Standard.


The governing documents require homeowners to get approval for any changes to the exterior of their homes.  Over the years, the ACC has approved changes and then established a Community Standard for an item so that homeowners would not have to continue to ask for permission for making that same change. For example, storm doors.  These Community Standards establish the specifications for a particular area or item.  Homeowners wishing to do something else must obtain prior approval from the ACC.  After approval by the Board, these Community Standards are incorporated into the Community Handbook.

Verify Change

When you check this, it means that the item or area is different from the standard, or otherwise appears to be a change to the exterior of the home.  This serves to remind the Management Company to check the ACC files to verify that the homeowner obtained the required prior ACC approval.

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