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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
~ Neighborhood News ~
Covenant Ratification (2016)
To address recent court cases and changes to state law, we need to revise our Declarations to expressly establish authority to, among other things, impose charges for late payment of assessments and as an incentive to ensure compliance with the Association's governing documents and rules and regulations. Click here to access the detailed explanation that was sent to all owners of record in October 2016. (The ratification and consent form begins on page 4 of the document.) This represents a modification to the changes sent in December 2015. The modification was prompted by the Town Hall discussion that was held in the Spring. Please remember to complete the form, have it signed by ALL of the owners of record and send it to the property manager. If you haven't done so, please do it ASAP.
ⓘ  protip: Use a smart phone to take a picture of the signed consent form and email it to the board. Done!
New Lighting Standards
With guidance from the ACC, the board published updated standards for outdoor lighting in the Fall of 2016.  All outdoor lighting fixtures on the fronts of units must be replaced with fixtures that meet the new standards by March 31, 2018.  Information about the new lighting standard, along with instructions on how to schedule discounted installation service, can be found within the quick reference guide.
PARKING within Huntley Meadows
Now is a good time for you to review the Parking Policy. Parking issues arise all too frequently simply because residents fail to consider and plan ahead for visitors, or simply because they do not realize that abusing the guest parking impacts anyone. Taking a few minutes to learn about the rules can save both time and money. Being considerate helps you avoid the consequences of violating the policy, including the potential cost of towing and other fees that might result from a violation of the policy. You can also prevent creating issues with your neighbors. Please also consider that just because you didn't get a notice about violating the policy before, does not mean that the HoA did not get a complaint. Each complaint results in costs to the HoA, which YOU in turn must pay for - one way or the other.
Neighborhood Watch
We need leaders for Huntley Meadows Lane and Ransom Place!  Won't you volunteer?  Even if you don't have time to be a leader, please stay alert.  We had a few break-ins during the day and we all need to be on the look out for strangers or unusual activity.  Be sure to report any unusual activities and call the Police if you see any illegal activities.

~    Blog    ~
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~ Upcoming Events ~
September Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, September 21st, 6:30pm to 8:00pm at Groveton Elementary School
The September board of directors meeting will be held at Groveton Elementary School at 6:30pm on September 21.  All are welcome to attend.  Questions can be provided to the board.

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~ Exterior Changes ~

The governing documents require you OBTAIN prior approval for any change to the exterior of your home or lot.  In 1999, the ACC issued an updated Step-by-Step Guide as part of the ACC Policy and Guidelines that are in the Handbook, which includes a checklist to guide you in determining the scope of your "project."  To seek approval, you must complete and submit the correct Change Request Form.

To facilitate this process, the ACC has identified changes that will not be approved, changes that will be approved on a case-by-case basis, and several changes that are pre-approved if they meet the specific criteria identified.  In addition, the Board has approved more detailed guidance on Community standards and resources that the ACC has developed to assist owners in maintaining current styles and materials.

  • Fence:  Information about the fence style was issued in 1999.
  • Lighting Fixtures:  A detailed guidance on the Community Standard was issued in 2005. A new Light fixture standard was established in 2016. Click here to see details.
  • Painting/Colors:  List of Approved Home Colors appear in Chapter 5, page 26 of the Handbook.
  • Siding: A clarification was issued in 2016: Siding cannot be partially replaced with any material other than identical siding.  If identical siding is not available, all siding must be replaced with ACC-approved material. Notify the ACC immediately if temporary, emergency patching is required.
  • Roof:  The ACC issued guidance in 2016 for those looking to replace their roofs.
  • Windows & Rear Doors:  A detailed guidance on the Community Standard was issued in 2006.