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Huntley Meadows HOA
A Residential Community in Alexandria, Virginia
Huntley Meadows HOA
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Welcome to Huntley Meadows HOA
A Residential Community in Alexandria, Virginia 

Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ Neighborhood News ~
PARKING within Huntley Meadows - Be Considerate !
Now is a good time for you to review Parking Policy on the Documents Page under "Resolutions." Parking issues arise all too frequently simply because residents fail to consider and plan ahead for visitors, or simply because they do not realize that abusing the guest parking impacts anyone. Taking a few minutes to learn about the rules can save both time and money. Being considerate helps you avoid the consequences of violating the policy, including the potential cost of towing and other fees that might result from a violation of the policy. You can also prevent creating issues with your neighbors. Please also consider that just because you didn't get a notice about violating the policy before, does not mean that the HoA did not get a complaint. Each complaint results in costs to the HoA, which YOU in turn must pay for - one way or the other.
Fairfax County Events and Attractions
Fairfax County's communities and attractions are prepared to entertain visitors all season long with festivals, holiday traditions, musical entertainment and more.  We invite you to browse the seasonal event calendar at and start your own traditions here in Fairfax County.
Lost Electricity?
Call Dominion Virginia Power at 1-866-266-4357 to report the power outage!  The more people that report the outage, the better the chances for DVP to prioritize addressing the problem in our area!
Local Events?
Wondering what to do this coming weekend?  Check our Events Calendar where several local events were added, including local farmer markets.  If you know of something coming up that you'd like your neighbors to also know about, consider sending in the information so that it can be added to our Events Calendar!
Neighborhood Watch
We need new leaders for Huntley Meadows Lane and Ransom Place!  Won't you volunteer?  Even if you don't have time to be a leader, please stay alert.  We had a few break-ins during the day and we all need to be on the look out for strangers or unusual activity.  Be sure to report any unusual activities and call the Police if you see any illegal activities.
An Important Reminder about Fireworks for Huntley Meadows Residents!
Now is a good time for you to review the 2009 letter from the Huntley Meadows Homeowners Association's Board reminding residents about Parking and Fireworks: Although the Board has provided a reminder about Fireworks each year since 2006, the Board and the Fairfax County police receive several complaints each year about the illegal use of fireworks within our Huntley Meadows community. Please remember that under Virginia law and our governing documents, residents that choose to ignore the law may be prosecuted by the State or County, as well as held financially responsible for any resulting costs to other residents or the Association. For additional information about the county’s regulations, please visit the Fairfax County website at To report illegal fireworks, please call the Fairfax County Police’s non-emergency number at 703-691-2131 .
~ Survey ~
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~ Upcoming Events ~
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 -- at 7 pm - in the Cafeteria of Groveton Elementary School. (Executive Session is planned for 7:10-7:20p)
The purpose of this monthly meeting of the BoD is to conduct regular Association business. All Residents are welcome to attend, and there is an open forum where you can raise issues for the Board's future consideration. Questions? Email

ACC Meeting
Tuesday, October 11th, 2016 -- at 6:30 pm - in one of the small conference rooms in the Sherwood Regional Library
The purpose of this monthly meeting of the ACC is to conduct regular business before the ACC. All Residents are welcome to attend, but voting is limited to ACC members. Questions? Email




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